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Dr Georgi Lozanov

Brief Biography

Professor Doctor Georgi Lozanov, M. D. is a Bulgarian psychiatrist – psychotherapist, brain physiologist and an educator. He is the creator of the science Suggestology and its application in pedagogy – Suggestopedia. Suggestopedia is the pedagogy operating on the level of the reserves of mind, tapped in a new organisation of the teaching – learning communication. His methodology was oficially observed by a 25 expert commision from UNESCO in 1978, evaluated as a superior teaching method and recommended for application all over the world. As a result, he was detained under home arrest for the period 1980 – 1989 until the political changes in Bulgaria.
He created and directed the State Suggestology Research Institute in Sofia , Bulgaria (1966 - 1984); The Centre for Suggestology and Development of Personality at the Sofia University “ St Climent Ohridski”; The International Centre for Desuggestology in Vienna, Austria; The International Centre for Teacher Training in Voralberg, Austria.
At the moment, he is still working on the development of the theory and practice of suggestopedia as well as training teachers from all over the world.
Suggestopedia created a new vision on education, where for any methodology to be successful , it should first bear in mind the psycho – psychotherapeutical considerations.

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