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Петък, 09 Октомври 2009г. 15:59ч.


In desuggestive pedagogy, the introduction is not a lexical and grammatical analysis of the text any more as it was in the process of deciphering; the teacher does not play as if on a scene; now he/she is a good wise old fellow whose interesting expose could change under the impact of the students taking part in the conversation but the teacher skilfully follows the lexis and grammar planned for the lesson intertwined in his/her funny presentation. In order to avoid conscious analysis in the course of the slow “didactic” narration, the teacher should speak relatively quickly but he/she should frequently repeat the phrases – naturally, as if incidentally, or simply habitually. In the introduction to the first lesson, the teacher commences with the end of the material printed in the textbook and goes through to the beginning. Thus students could immediately speak while imitating teacher’s patterns. He/she begins with his/her name and profession, with search for players, etc. Students would be able to tell immediately their names, professions, where they come from, what transport means they prefer, which language they speak, etc. It would be a good idea to present the same information in the third person singular in respect to the members of the group: what is the name of any of them, his/her profession, what languages he/she speaks, where he/she comes from, what transport means he/she prefers, etc. These topics are elaborated during the qualification courses for teachers.